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NEW! Coach Ergo Bag Review

Hi everyone!

I wanted to film a video over the new Coach Ergo Shoulder bag 33 and show you some of the details!

If you have any questions about the bags that I have shown here, please leave them down in the comments below and I will try to help you out. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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IG: @bran_bran1984
Angeler Matthews : Very nice bag Love the color
Talia Allison : I have been waiting for a review on this bag. It’s in my wish list. Thanks for giving us what we want
E C : Thanks for the review! I bought one today and I love it! Mine has a more “burnished” look though. I know each one is unique. I am totally in love with this bag! Such a throwback to the 90’s...timeless!
Suz What : It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Peace and love...Suz What
Yajaira Fernandez : Love the bag. Can it be worn crossbody?

*REVIEW* Coach Ergo 33 Review! What Fits, Mod Shots

Let’s talk about this amazing vintage revival from Coach - the Ergo 33! I’ll share the features, what fits, and mod shots, and give you my honest opinion as always!






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Thanks for watching! ;)

DISCLAIMER: All items are purchased with my own money, unless stated otherwise, and all opinions given are my own. This video is not a paid promotion. Sometimes I use affiliate links. If purchases are made through these links, the buyer will not pay any more or less and a small portion will be given to the link generator.
Janet Meyers : Amazing bag—beautiful color of green!
Sara E. Owen : Okaaaay!!! Single strap hobo - now that's my style! A little too expensive for me right now, but I really love it. I love how it hugs the body - would be so comfortable to wear. And it's so classic and ungimickky. A bag that never looks dated. Great find, Mama B.
Christian Villarreal : Can you do a video on the beat saddle bag?
Becky Robinson : This bag looks so good on you! Love the green so much.
Jara Bee : It looks similar to their Emery bag to me. I like it the style and color - enjoy your bag.

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푸른강산 : 잘보고 갑니다....
유상석 : 노랭이 있어요 무조건 좋아요 정리도 잘돼고!!!!!!
sungrim han : 디월트꺼 세차용품 가방으로 괜찮을거 같네요 ㅎㅎ


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