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Cyclo Centrism System

El reductor de velocidad Cyclo® ofrece un 500% de sobrecarga (momentáneamente). Su sistema compacto le permite 1/3 en contacto con la superficie o 2/3 en dos discos, esto en contraste con un sistema de engranes helicoidales que unicamente tiene 2 ó
3 dientes en fricción para absorber todo el impacto de la sobrecarga. Sin duda, esta es una transmisión eficiente libre de mantenimiento y de confiabilidad inigualable.
majid sadeghi : Excellent very good
Mohamed Adel : lipronseel
jayanath jayawardana : Goooooooood
pulsar shankar : Super
S.M. K : 하아안국어로 설명해줘어엉

How to Install and Assemble a Cyclo Gearbox I Power Institute

Do you know how to assemble your Sumitomo Cyclo gearbox? If not, this video is for you!

Cyclo Gearmotors:
Industrial Gearbox Repair and Service: 1.757.300.1198
About Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been trusted by many to provide quality products and innovative solutions to help our customers solve their complex challenges. This rich history has made us a leading manufacturer of power transmission and control products such as gearmotors and industrial gearboxes for a wide variety of applications for leading brands around the globe. For more information about our products and services, please contact us:
Luis fernando martines : Posicio de disco planetario sumido
Steven Collier : AvE has triggered my interest in these drives.
chicoxiba : good work boys :)

How to Repair a Cyclo

*As much we love the intense jazz background music--we encourage you to watch the newer versions of how to disassemble, repair and reassemble your Cyclo.

How to Install a Cyclo:

How to Disassemble a Cyclo I Power Institute:

Do you have a Cyclo drive? This tried and true video shows how simple the disassembly and repair process can be for Sumitomo Drive Technologies reliable and efficient Cyclo speed reducers and gearmotors!
santos amalla : es bueno que siga subiendo estos videos
harryman11 : It sounds like I'm playign mario lol
Johan : What is this freaking insane jazz fusion soundtrack?
anto jt : He didnt use gloves!
John Corraya : Thanks




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